Tips & Tricks on Working Out After Being Under the Weather

A hot topic we’re seeing many write to us about is related to getting back to working out after being sick. Can we (should we?) work out while recovering from an illness? Trainer Brian with Studio SWEAT onDemand is here with the low-down.

If you’re talking about something like the common cold, a stomach bug, or mildly under the weather, the easy answer is most often “yes.” In fact, the right kind of exercise can even help aid your recovery and support your mental health. Now if you’re under the care of a physician, or on a specific program following illness, you should first be sure to consult with your healthcare provider.

When you’re feeling well enough to get back in the groove, our first suggestion is to make sure that you’re no longer contagious before heading back into a group class or shared gym space. Remember to be kind to those around you. And you may consider starting with an at-home program before returning to the gym. When you do start back up, here are some things to think about:

Brian’s Trainer Tips for Reintroducing Exercise

  1. Hydrate – No matter what your illness, hydration is a key to recovery, and it is even more important once you are increasing your activity level.
  2. Extended warm up – If you’re joining a class, show up a bit early to get a longer warm-up before the in-class version. Don’t just jump in with sprints or extra heavy lifting.
  3. Listen to your body – Of course, you don’t want a setback on your healthy recovery, so if you get started and your body is screaming, “No don’t make me yet!”, it’s ok to pause and give it a little more time. Don’t expect your first day back to be at your pre-illness intensity level. It’s ok to skip the red zone and the HIIT training on your first day back. Plan to reacclimate to the fitness program you love. 

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