The Benefits of Barre

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Ballet. The name alone probably conjures up images of tutus, tight (hair) buns, and sore feet balancing en pointe (on their tippy toes). But would you believe that the ballet is the impetus for one of the toughest workouts around? No? Why not! Just look at those dancers’ brawny legs, sculpted arms, and tight-as-a-leotard abs – these fluttering folks are clearly not playing around… and neither is Barre!

This hyper-effective workout takes elements of yoga and Pilates, infused into intensive ballet training to create one tough fitness experience. Care to know why? Well, strap in, because we’re gonna give you the surprisingly powerful benefits of a Barre workout. 

Strength from Top to Toe

You might be thinking that Barre only hits your lower body. But you would be sorely mistaken! The combination of high-intensity, low-impact strength training movements gives a total body explosion that you will not forget. And the key here is repetition – you might be using your bodyweight, or a couple lightweight barbells, but after awhile, the burn will come, and come with a vengeance! 

Flexibility for Days

Ballerinas the world over are known for their impressive flexibility. And after a couple of serious Barre classes, you’ll notice it too! The constant stretching and elongating of your body is the perfect recipe for a flexible figure. Not only that, but improved flexibility also leads to better posture, balance, and injury prevention!

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Burns Through Calories

Here comes a big one. Since Barre incorporates interval training while sculpting, strengthening, and stretching your body, it also produces a caloric burn that lasts even after your Barre class has ended! If you’re trying to take off those pounds, Barre is where it’s at! (Note: we say ‘Barre’ and not ‘The Bar’). 

Anyone Can Barre

Think you need to be a long, lean, lanky, leggy dancer to take a Barre class? Heck no! Barre is for errrrrbody! The workouts are designed to appeal to many different ages, body types, and ability levels – it’s even great for pre and post-natal mamas!

Barre Workout at Home = Perfection

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Last but not least (actually, most), Barre is one of the easiest workouts to try right inside tu casa. If your neighborhood gym or fitness studio still hasn’t opened, or if you just wanna take a brutal Barre workout at home – look no further! In fact, at Studio SWEAT onDemand, we offer tons of streaming Barre workouts to get you going, plus a wide array of other onDemand fitness classes like Spin, TRX, Yoga, Pilates, Sculpting, and more, in our ever-expanding library. Take a look – if you like what you see and are down to get sweaty, check out our 7-Day Free Trial

Well, we hope this introduction into the beautiful benefits of Barre will motivate you to Plie your way to your first class. 

Ready to dance? Here we go – a one and a two and a…