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Knocked Up Knockouts: Pregnancy-Safe Workout Tips

Pregnant African American woman working out in a Pilates class.

  Congratulations, mama-to-be! You’re about to embark on the journey of motherhood, experience the miracle of life, and discover the joys of… backaches, bloating, and baby weight. (We can almost hear your UGHHH from here.) But before you go hitting


Tips for Your Perfect Summer Workout Routine

Young couple jogging on the beach for summer exercise plan workout

  For some of you, summer’s all about taking it easy, kickin’ back, sippin’ a lil’ sumpin’ sumpin’, and generally lazing the days away. And that’s all well and good, but all y’all can stop reading from here on in


trainer talk 12 with Carolyn aged to perfection

Trainer Talk #12 with Carolyn: Aged to Perfection

Check out SSoD Trainer Talk #12 with Carolyn! These Trainer Talks are live-streamed to our Facebook Page, and we make it available here if you missed it. However, the benefit of joining us live is that you get to ask

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How to Measure if Your Workout Was Good

How to Measure if Your Workout Was Good?

Is it how many calories you burned? NO, not necessarily! Let’s see why. Do any of these scenarios sound familiar? “Ugh, my heart rate monitor was glitchy today. It’s like this workout didn’t count.” “Hey, I’m going to stick around

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How to Hydrate Without Drinking Water, Plain Ol' Water - There are ways, but not shortcuts trainer tip video

How to Hydrate Without Drinking Water

There are ways, but not shortcuts. Cat recently saw a product claiming it would hydrate you without drinking water. So she reached out to RD Miriam to get the details. Do these products work? Because let’s be honest, sometimes you’re

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the beach burn 500 youtube

Wanna Try the Beach Burn 500 Workout?

Do it at the Beach, the Park, or at Home! Raise your hand if you love a fun, outdoor, quick (or not) workout that you can knock out at the beach, the park, or about anywhere you want to be

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Tips to Get Your Whole Family Working Out

tips to get your whole family working out together

  Here’s the problem. After the year we’ve just had — working from home, kids out of school, those quarantine lbs adding up, and ALL of us spending more and more time glued to our phones — we’re all in


Treating & Identifying Eating Disorders vlog

Treating & Identifying Eating Disorders

This mental illness skyrocketed during the pandemic. Let’s get on top of it. Mental health is a topic that deserves its own awareness month, but is certainly a year-long issue. Looking at the pandemic and related lock-downs in 2020 and

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tips to cope and stay physically active while healing from an injury

Tips to Cope & Stay Physically Active While Healing From an Injury.

Mental & physical wellness while recovering from an injury. We often hear about mental well-being as a reason for, or at least a by-product of, an exercise program. When you cannot workout for a prolonged period of time (like following

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Why Does Exercising Make You Cry?

Why Does Exercising Make You Cry?

  Full disclosure… I’m a toughie. A warrior. A nothing-gonna-bring-me-down kind of gal. And I’m absolutely, definitely, in no way, shape or form a cryer. Nope. Not me. Don’t even try it.  And yet, at the end of a recent


ways to increase mobility range of motion

Hate Stretching, But Want to Increase Range of Motion (ROM)?

We got you. AJ & Sam give you 4 amazing tips to increase ROM that are not stretches! We’re hitting today’s discussion on range of motion from all angles with Studio SWEAT Trainers AJ and Sam. Range of motion, or

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