Guest Trainer Application

If you would like the opportunity to be featured as a Guest Instructor for Studio SWEAT onDemand you're in the right place! The pay ain’t great (because it’s volunteer only), but the exposure is amazing! If you do want a chance to be featured please submit your application by reading the information below, then complete and submit your application now!

I look forward to seeing you!
- Cat


(Please include all, and include expiration dates)

Follow the guidelines you see as far as length, equipment etc. you see in the Class Description.

Maximum size 10MB

Please insert web address for your YouTube Video

* Click here for more information on the video being requested.


All the information requested below is required for any classes filmed at club, studio or other facility

include class name, day and time


Before you submit your application, please make certain you are set up to meet all of the following requirements listed below. Don't worry, if you are selected we will send you an email reminding you how to proceed.

Class/Video Requirements
  • Make sure you introduce yourself at the beginning of the video and say
    • Your first name only
    • The Club/Studio You’re Filming From
    • The Club/Studio City, State, Country
    • Any Equipment People need to participate
      • Only allowed bikes, as well as tube resistance bands and dumbbells if it’s a class with sculpting
  • Record at the highest resolution possible of camera: 1920x1080 or 1280x720 @ 30fps (frames per second) is preferred. Most cameras today can record in this format. If your camera can shoot in 4K, please use 1920x1080 instead.
  • Video: Record using a wide shot (full body is visible), at a 30-45 degree side angle so that we can see your leg speed. If applicable, film horizontally instead of vertically (“wide” instead of “tall”). Use a tripod so that the video is stable throughout the class.
  • Audio: Make sure your instructions/voice can be clearly heard over the music. You don't have to feed the sound directly into the camera when recording (ambient sound is okay), but make sure your instructions can be easily heard and followed.
  • No editing of the video is necessary. Transfer the video file from your camera to your computer in its compressed format. We will then work with you as far as how to transfer it to us, but likely it will be through Dropbox. The Preferred file format: .mov/quicktime


* Please click here to read the Terms and Conditions Before Checking the Box Below. THIS IS REQUIRED