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Studio SWEAT onDemand Corporate Wellness Program

As corporate wellness programs expand, employers need to look at fitness programs as a key solution to increase employee production, satisfaction, and retention, while decreasing employee healthcare costs, absenteeism and low-morale.  A healthy employee is proven to be a happy employee!

Studio SWEAT onDemand will provide your employees with an all-inclusive fitness program that is accessible, easy-to-use, and at a much lower cost than the average corporate gym memberships.  We allow your team access to hundreds of onDemand fitness classes so they can workout with real trainers, not actors, instructing classes in our live studio.

Studio SWEAT onDemand is accessed online and through our app, so your employees will never need to deal with a salesperson, feel uncomfortable about going into a gym, or worry about being late for a class.  Since our service is device agnostic, our classes can be accessed through a computer, tablet, Smart TV, Roku, Apple TV and many more.  We make it so Studio SWEAT onDemand is the corporate gym membership that your employees will actually use!

With a diverse library of class formats, your employees will have all of their fitness needs fulfilled at a fraction of the cost and in less time it takes to sneak out of the office to make it to that Spin class.

Studies continue to show that an active lifestyle increases a person’s overall personal satisfaction, work presentness and motivation.  Our goal at Studio SWEAT onDemand is to help people create this positivity through a healthy lifestyle.



Health/Wellness Program for Employees:

We offer your employees an all-inclusive fitness program that includes over 700 onDemand classes in a video library that is refreshed every single week!  With formats such as Spin, Yoga, TRX, HIIT,  Zumba and more, Studio SWEAT onDemand makes fitness accessible, motivational, and affordable.  Employees will never need to deal with contracts or crowded gyms.

Low Cost Wellness Solutions to Employers:

Studio SWEAT onDemand believes that being healthy should be affordable.  That’s why we can offer employers and employees several options that best fit the needs of your company.  We want to work with you and your staff to get fit, be healthy and stay motivated.

Healthy and Motivated Employees:

Healthy employees are proven to have a higher quality of life, increased energy and are more satisfied with their jobs. Studies show that lost productivity costs are 2.3 times higher than medical and pharmacy costs.  So what does a fitness initiative mean for your company? How about a boost in employee morale!  A decrease in lost work days due to illness and less presenteeism!  An increase in the quality of your benefits is directly related to an increase in employee retention!

Save on Health Care Costs:

Employees who participate in lifestyle wellness programs lower their risk of needing medical attention and doctor visits.  This change in lifestyle will potentially save your company millions each year.  Lifestyle wellness initiatives are proven to save companies on healthcare costs, workers compensation premiums, and productivity costs.  The bottom line is that wellness programs save your company’s bottom line!

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