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    45 Min Bike & Barre

    Time to burn those kCals and firm those legs in this amazing online Bike & Barre class! To start, hop on your bike and get ready for sprints, a heavy gradual climb, drills in and out of the saddle, and more. You only have 25 minutes on the bike, so expect an intense ride as Carolyn uses the music to push you to get the most fat-burning out of that time!

    After that, it’s onto the Barre portion, where Carolyn takes you through a variety of leg-firming moves that’ll be sure to get your legs shaking. Press play and get ready to sweat!

    You can use your bike for the Barre portion, but if you want an amazing portable bar that you can add to your home gym, click here to see our top pick! It might be perfect for your home gym or fitness studio.

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    Drive to 5 Ride

    The format is simple and helps you focus on short periods. How? Well, about every 5 minutes on the bike, you’ll alternate between climbs, sprints, and combo drills. The floor set is equally action-packed with 5 minutes of legs/core, 5 minutes of upper-body, and 5 minutes of combo moves. That’s why we call this virtual Cycle & Sculpt lesson the “Drive to 5 Ride” – fun huh!

    The trainers (yes, plural!) keep it fun and challenge you to be your best. You just have to show up, bring your A-game, and enjoy the banter between the fun-tastic duo of Jess and Brian. High-5, let’s ride!

    FORMAT: Bike Drill, Floor Drill, Bike Drill

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    Jump in the Club Cycle & Sculpt

    Who’s ready to hit the club cycle-style and JUMP JUMP?! If you hollered “ME!” then get ready for an action-packed class where you’re on the bike for one fat-melting drill, then on the floor toning it up for the next. That’s right – every 4 to 5 minutes you’ll alternate between the bike and the floor in this Indoor Cycling Class, packed with a LOT of Jump Drills. As a matter of fact, every single song on the bike includes some variation of Spinning jumps! To keep the energy high, the tracks are all club-inspired. Go get your sweat on.

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    Beastly Besties Cycle & Sculpt

    This workout with Best Friends, AJ & Monica, is so…much…fun! It’s a Virtual Cycle & Sculpt Workout designed not only for those that are in perfect shape, but also for those that are fighting some sort of disability or limitation like an injury, or in Monica’s case M.S. – yeah, she’s unstoppable.

    The format is simple: Spin, Sculpt, Spin some more, then cool-down and stretch. For the resistance training exercises you can either use dumbbells or TRX straps – you pick! Let’s go have some fun!

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    Tread Sculpt by Andrew (Spin option)

    This killer total body cardio and muscle toning workout goes like this…

    • Run (or Ride) Warm-Up
    • Run (or Ride) Progressive Climb
    • Floor Sculpt
    • Run (or Ride) Progressive Sprints
    • Floor Sculpt
    • Run (or Ride) Longer Cool-Down
    And guess what… we’re taking it for the first time with you! How’s that, you ask? Well one of your fellow Komrades wrote this workout – we’re just sharing it with you! Hop on that treadmill or bike and get after it.
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    Cycle Fusion: A Better 2020… 20

    Although 2020 is not known for being the most “awesome” year, this 2020… 20 workout sure is! It’s an awesome Cycle Sculpt Fusion class that’s broken into three 20-minute segments. You’re gonna work hard, lift hard, and burn a whole lot of kCals rotating between 20 minutes on the bike, 20 minutes of Floor Work, and then another 20 more on the bike. Did we crack the “awesome-code” for 2020? Hop on and find out!

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    Partner Cardio Cycle

    Whatcha got? 2 people, 1 bike. Okay! 1 person, 1 bike. Okay! 2 people, 2 bikes, okay! This workout, well for lack of a better word, works for all those sweaty scenarios! Just watch the intro to learn just how this is possible. In this Spinning workout designed for 2 (or less), you cardio lovers are gonna dig how the floor exercises are fast-paced and action-packed. Join the fun!

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    Game Face Cycle Sculpt

    Just like any combo Cycle-Sculpt class with Fred, you’ll start pedaling with a smile on your face during a high-energy warm up. But get that game face ready, because the Spin portion of this class really brings the power to your ride. After about 25 Min of cycling, you’ll take it to the floor for some muscle strengthening and toning combo exercises, making this a whole-body cardio & strength workout. And, per the norm with Fred, you’ll end class with an all-day happy face. Time to dive in face first!

    *Don’t forget to stretch!*

    Check out Miriam’s 5 Minute Post-Workout Stretch:

    Or choose another stretch session from our awesome selection of Stretch Classes:

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    Cycle Yoga Fusion

    Wait, what? This is a workout that combines Indoor Cycling AND Yoga!? Shut the front door. Well, no I won’t. It’s true! Wanna know what makes it even better? Ya get 2 boss lady trainers! Cat is gonna set up the cycling drills and Jeanette is gonna guide the flow. Each gets 2 shots to take the mic, and boy do they make the best of it. Let’s cycle and flow.

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    Combo Cycle

    Get ready to burn and build in this calorie-torching, body-firming online Combo Spin & Weight Lifting Workout. On the bike, you’ll get some fast-paced drills, tempo-driven jumps, and, of course, some beastly climbs. What better way to give that booty a break from the bike than to hop off for a couple of totally toning strength circuits on the floor? Sculpt time! Let’s do this.

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    Boy Band Bike & Build

    OK, seriously, this is probably the most fun Spin class video that I’ve ever clicked play on. Personality plus cycling & strength coaches, Jess N and AJ, are legit “Larger than Life” in this Boy Band Themed Spin & Sculpt class! You’ll hit the bike for the first 30 minutes and be saying “Bye Bye Bye” to fat as you burn some major Kcals climbing and sprinting! Next, you’ll drop to the floor for a full-body sculpt set with AJ. Then to top it off, Jess runs you through a “No Diggity” ab set before stretching it out. So, put that hair in a scrunchie and let’s bring those Back…street…boys, alright!?!

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    Turn & Burn Spin Sculpt

    Intervals & Endurance on the bike. Strength and Balance on the floor. This Spin & Strength combo class with Cat Kom is a whole lotta turn & burn. For the lean-mass building floor set, which comes after a 25 Min Spin Sweat-Fest, you can choose to use either TRX straps or an exercise resistance band. Get after it!