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Older Kids & Teens Classes | Studio SWEAT onDemand

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    Youth Knockout Battle

    This nonstop youth cardio boxing workout is a really good boxing workout for kids, and even for YOU. With punches, cardio bursts, and strengthening exercises, these are simple body-weight moves anyone can follow for a quick total-body workout for the whole family. Get ready to rumble and knock it out!

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    Bootcamp for Kids (or Kids at Heart)

    The best age to start a love for fitness is… you guessed it, any age. And Fred’s passion for exercise will inspire even the most reluctant youth. It’s a fun boot camp workout for kids (and yep, parents and kids at heart can do it too) that’ll teach your kiddos safe ways to move their bodies. With functional movements to increase endurance, strength, and flexibility, your budding athlete will gain confidence on the playground, the courts, the fields, and just in any overall movement. Grab the whole family and let’s play!

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    7 Min Animal Abs

    No need to sit around like a sloth when you can knock out this quick ab workout and get a six-pack like a Beluga whale (seriously, they’re cut). You’ll hit all the core muscles with these animal-inspired ab exercises, like inchworms, bird-dogs, and butterfly sit-ups. Add this animal-inspired series to the end of your cardio and strength workout, or even just as a quick solo session during a break in your day. Either way, bring your best lion or lioness roar and get it done!

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    Youth Yoga

    With all the time kids are on screens these days, let’s trade in the video games and instructional lessons for a little restorative mat time with this all-levels youth inspired yoga class. You, your kids, and teens will have fun moving, stretching, and balancing as Jeanette leads you through a yoga flow for kids that adults will love too. You’ll all leave feeling strong, confident, and relaxed. We bet you’re going to get requests to press play on this one more than once. Pop your socks off, and let’s restore!

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    Youth P.E. Class

    If you’re looking for a FUN physical fitness activity for your kids, look no further! This online PE class includes functional, foundational strength and cardio moves, games, and the best workout crew a trainer could ever ask for! You’ll see elementary, middle, and even high schoolers all giving it their all, adapting moves to their level and having an absolute blast!

    This workout can be done indoors or out, and does not require much space. And… it’s designed so it can be taken repeatedly, with a challenge to improve as you repeat. Have fun gettin’ it done!

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    Animated Adventure with Cat

    Kids, teens, and parents are gonna find themselves sweating and singing in this incredibly fun online kid’s fitness class.

    Cat calls it the Animated Adventure, not because it’s actually animated, but because you’ll be skating like Olaf, bear crawling like Koda, and kicking like a Toy Story soldier – all to remixed versions of songs from some of your favorite animated movies. And don’t think you can’t do this if you don’t have little ones to join you. It’s a totally perfect short cardio workout for every age! Come on friends, it’s time to just Let it go, let it go-oh!

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    15 Min Kid’s Boxing Drills

    This is a short, but sweet, kid’s boxing workout video that boys and girls of any age will love doing. The youth cardio boxing workout includes a few short heart-pumping drills like shadow boxing, jumping, and even a partner-punch drill where the kids take turns throwing light jabs into their partner’s hands. No partner, no problem, just punch a bag or the air! Hands up, let’s do this!

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    Partner Workout for Teens & Tweens

    Grab your partner and let’s get exercising! This Partner Workout for Teens & Tweens is soooo….. fun! Each person just needs a partner and a set of really light dumbbells to participate. And if you don’t have dumbbells, water bottles work just fine. Have a blast!

    *Don’t forget to stretch!*

    Check out Miriam’s 5 Minute Post-Workout Stretch:

    Or choose another stretch session from our awesome selection of Stretch Classes:

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    Hip Hop Cardio for Teens & Tweens

    Bodies are meant to move, and there is no more fun way to move than this Hip Hop Cardio class for teens & tweens! After a nice little warm-up, youth leader, Denise, along with some energetic YMCA youth are gonna step through a progressive hip hop routine that’s easy to follow, but that challenges your mind and body a little. Let’s shake it!

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    The End Game: An Athletic Training Workout for Teens

    This is a really fun online workout designed for teens. I mean, adults can do it too, but good luck keeping up. There’s a warm-up, 3 super-set circuits, and a well-deserved cool-down and stretch. With head boppin’ jams, participants are encouraged to focus on form and go at their own pace, while also getting out of their comfort zones. Click play to play!

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    Spin Sculpt: Teen Time

    Teen Time is a class that was designed for teens OR for those that feel young at heart! It was filmed live in San Diego, CA with an AWESOME group of teens at varying fitness levels, but equal amounts of energy.

    The format is simple, but the class is not. Don’t let that scare you, just go at your own pace, but challenge yourself to push hard whether you’re on the bike or on the floor. There are 2 short, but killer, cardio blasts on the bike, along with 2 floor sets aimed at toning the entire body using nothing BUT your body as a way to get there. Time to ride tough… like a girl.