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    Zen Cycle & Flow

    When your body wants a restorative workout, and your mind wants to slow down, the perfect combination is a low-intensity Spin and Yoga combo session. In this Zen cycle and flow, you’ll begin with a cycling session designed to warm your muscles, while quieting your mind. Once the blood is flowing you’ll then move to the mat for a yoga flow session where you’ll feel loosened up and lengthened from head to toe. To round it out, you’ll finish with a 5-minute meditation to really bring you deeper into a calming state. Press play, find your Zen.

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    Desk Stretches Tutorial

    Welcome to our Stretch at Your Desk Tutorial. Here you’ll learn some of the best stretches you can do at your desk to fight fatigue and overuse strain for anyone who spends time at a desk or computer. To get the most out of this stretch-break, you’ll see how to begin by elevating your core temperature (without sweating) and then we’ll cover a series of workplace friendly (or home office) yoga-inspired poses that you can do at a standing or seated workstation. Drop the work-stress and stretch it out.

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    Pilates + Cardio = Pilardio!

    What’s “Pil-ardio” you ask? Only the best way to mash up Pilates and Cardio Floor Exercises into one amazing full-body fusion workout! Broken into five 3×3 blocks (3 exercises repeated 3 times), the first two moves in each block will be Pilates based to challenge and strengthen your muscles, and the third will be a cardio drill designed to crush calories while you carve the core. All you need is a towel, and a mat. Let’s crush it!

    This workout does not include a cool-down, but we have some great options here!

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    Power Flow

    Tap into your inner strength in this Power Yoga class that is a great alternative to a weight training workout. As you flow through the Yoga sequence, you’ll be building strength, balance, and mobility, while you get SWEATy and burn calories. Press play to prove you’re powerful!

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    Yoga Flow

    One of our favorite ways to incorporate mind+body focus into our at-home fitness program is with yoga. In this Vinyasa-style yoga class, you’ll focus on your breath as you flow seamlessly through poses designed to increase upper body and hip mobility. It’s amazing how concentrating on those areas can loosen up your entire body. This session is a must-do for us all, but especially for those that hit those cardio and strength classes hard on the regular. Grab a mat, breathe deep, and let’s flow.

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    Pedal + Pilates: Progressions

    Progress over perfection is the theme for this killer online Spin & Pilates combo session. Cat leads a masterful 30-minute cycling workout packed with drill after drill of pedaling progressions. By the time you hit the floor, you’ll be soaked in sweat and your muscles will be nice and warm for the total body strengthening Pilates session to follow. The Pilates workout also delivered progressive exercises and was programmed to complement the muscles and movements from the Spin section, even acting as a cool down/mobility routine. Let’s see that progress!

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    Candlelit Restorative Yoga

    The next 60 minutes are dedicated to you. This restorative candlelit yoga session is exactly what your muscles and mind need to either start your morning or wind down after a long day of work. Grab two blocks or a couple of rolled-up towels, then get ready to dim the lights and get your relaxation on. Inhale. Exhale. Unwind. Repeat.

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    Luxurious Post-Workout Cool Down Stretch

    Get ready to feel like you’re in heaven with this 20-minute luxurious post-workout cool-down stretch. Jess will guide you through 35 different body-lengthening stretches that often begin as dynamic flowing movement, then end in a static deep stretch hold. Open this gift. You deserve it.

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    20/20 Cycle Yoga

    Sweat it out with Marie in this amazing indoor cycle fusion flow workout, where the focus is on the here and now. The session combines a 20-minute burst of cycling fun with a 20-minute feel-good yoga sequence. First, get your heart rate up with resistance loading and speed drills in and out of the saddle. Then, let the good vibes roll with deep stretches, isometric holds, and a breath-to-movement guided yoga flow. Inhale. Exhale. SWEAT. Repeat!

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    Chair Yoga Flow

    Get ready to breathe your way to stillness as you stretch and twist your upper body in this chair yoga workout. Using just your body and a sturdy chair, Marie will guide you through a relaxing box breathing technique and modified yoga postures to help you unwind, calm your mind, and reset, no matter what time of day. Grab your chair and press play!

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    10-Minute Hip, Leg & Glutes Stretch

    You work hard and we know it, so take it to the floor with this short, feel-good stretch sesh that focuses on lengthening your legs, opening up your hips, and releasing tension in your glutes. Complement any workout, especially a killer glute workout, with these restorative hip and leg stretches, coupled with some of the best glutes stretches to maintain the health of your muscles, fascial tissue, and joints… your muscles will thank you for it! Let’s stretch it out.

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    Lucky 7 Cool-Down Stretch

    No need to hang a horseshoe, because you can make your own luck! And this cool-down stretch circuit will be one of your best tools for your good fortune. Monica (using TRX straps to assist) and Bethany (using no equipment) team up to lead you through 7 simple post-workout stretches you can follow while listening to some relaxing country tunes in the background. Let’s stretch it out y’all!