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    Youth Yoga

    With all the time kids are on screens these days, let’s trade in the video games and instructional lessons for a little restorative mat time with this all-levels youth inspired yoga class. You, your kids, and teens will have fun moving, stretching, and balancing as Jeanette leads you through a yoga flow for kids that adults will love too. You’ll all leave feeling strong, confident, and relaxed. We bet you’re going to get requests to press play on this one more than once. Pop your socks off, and let’s restore!

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    Pilates Sculpt Circuit

    Prepare to work your entire body and move your spine in all the ways in the best Pilates Sculpt Circuit Class you’ll find online. We’ll perform 10 Mat Pilates exercises in an interval circuit format, working for 45 seconds, resting for 15 seconds. After repeating the circuit 3 times, you’ll feel toned and strong from this whole-body workout. Grab a mat (and optional extra light dumbbells), and let’s take this circuit full circle!

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    12 Min to Awesome Abs TRX Style

    2 Master TRX Trainers. 10 of the Best TRX Ab Exercises. 12 Minutes that Fly By. Let’s go.

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    Restorative Yin Yoga

    Deep relaxation. Stilled mind. Reduced muscle tension. These are some of the benefits you’ll receive from this restorative yin yoga online session. With a focus on going onwards, and flowing through different low-intensity yoga postures, you will deepen your personal meditation practice. Give your mind and body this gift when you press play.

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    7 Min Dynamic Warmup

    One key to a great workout, whether cardio or strength training, is a solid warm-up. This online pre-workout warmup routine is designed to get your muscles warm and your heart rate starting its climb. Jessica starts you off with a quick hip-opener, then moves you into a dynamic flow with several total-body movements. Once you’re done, you’ll be ready to hit “play” on your fave Studio SWEAT onDemand workout. It’s time to warm it up!

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    Cardio de Baile de 30 Min en Español

    Bienvenidos a Cardio Dance en español. En esta clase, aprenderás pequeñas diferentes combinaciones que se van a repetir y también progresar durante cada canción. ¡Permite que la música te motive y que empiece la fiesta!

    You do not need to know Spanish to take this amazing, fun, dynamic workout. I mean it’s dance, all you do is following the visual queues for the most part anyhow. And… most of the tracks are actually American, but with a Latin vibe. And… Vanessa can’t help, but speak in English often.

    Original Description Translation:
    Welcome to Dance Cardio Spanish style! In this class, you’ll learn small combinations that you’ll repeat and progress during each song. Let the music motivate you and let’s get this party started!

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    Low-Intensity Cardio

    Don’t have time to get to the gym? Don’t have a home gym? That’s okay… no equipment needed for this cardio workout that’s perfect for the active older adult (senior) or anyone looking for a short, fun, bodyweight only, lower-intensity cardio workout. Your body is the perfect answer – it’s a workout machine! This 30-minute session will show you how to use that “perfect” mechanism for a complete low-impact cardio/core workout. No excuses – let’s get it!

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    Stretch at Your Desk

    Whether your “desk” is a fancy sit/stand set-up or the corner of the kitchen table, it’s important to give your mind and body a rest from time to time. Yeah, bad computer posture takes work! For the best use of that break time, join Miriam as she guides you through a 15-minute workday desk stretch session that was designed to create space and oxygen flow in your spine while lengthening your lower and upper extremities. Miriam even adds some guided movement for your delicate wrists and some acupressure on your hands. Press pause on your day by pressing play on this class.

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    30 Min TRX HIIT Training

    This high-intensity TRX workout might start with some basic movements, but hang on to your straps, because we’ll be turning up the intensity before you can even blink. You’ll do two rounds of intervals, with the time decreasing as the moves get more challenging (the first set will be 45 second bursts, dropping to 30 seconds for round two), combining to give you that full-body TRX muscle toning we all know and love. Be sure to have a towel nearby, because we’re keeping it in high gear and dripping ALL the sweat! Burn baby, burn!

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    Youth P.E. Class

    If you’re looking for a FUN physical fitness activity for your kids, look no further! This online PE class includes functional, foundational strength and cardio moves, games, and the best workout crew a trainer could ever ask for! You’ll see elementary, middle, and even high schoolers all giving it their all, adapting moves to their level and having an absolute blast!

    This workout can be done indoors or out, and does not require much space. And… it’s designed so it can be taken repeatedly, with a challenge to improve as you repeat. Have fun gettin’ it done!

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    30 Min Kickboxing Combos

    After brushing up on some basic punches and kicks, this online cardio kickboxing video is all about the combos. They’ll be fun, they’ll be a challenge, and some of the short, intense intervals just might kick YOUR butt. Expect no breaks in this class… okay, maybe a few little ones, but this baby is fast-paced, and the kickboxing combinations are designed to keep your heart rate up and your legs burning. Punch play and let’s hit it!

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    Fast & Fun Skipping Drills

    The Olganator has a blast outside with some fast and fun jump rope drills. You’ll love the crazy skips she has you try. They’re challenging, but super fun for everyone with a jump rope to try. What have you got to lose?! Oh yeah, fat! Go crush those kCals.